Saturday, November 7, 2009

the war of the lost.

ive always been an eye for an eye type of guy, ive always been a suppoter of war, and although it is very true that war solves problems between nations, i cant figure out why we are in this war. this question has long been asked but, where are the weapons of mass destruction? what threat are we trying to put to an end in the middle east? terrorism? yes. but, is it really reasonable for us to think or believe that we can catch or kill every terrorist? no. i just want the soldiers to come home. those soldiers out there dying are very brave and respectable man, they are Americans and they are out there dying. bring them home, this war is become more and more pointless as the days go by. i dont know the exact amount of money we spend daily on the war but i am positive that it is a tremendous amount, wouldnt it be a good idea to end the war and use that money on homeland secruity? i do think so. i am a proud American and i firmly believe that america is the best country in the world, i also have a big heart for every American regaurdless of our differences and conflict, and it kills me to see Americans die everyday with no end in site. i am a suppoter of the troops, but i have become a protestor of the war. so tell congress to bring them home.

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