Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is a calling, a calling for conservatives and librels, libertarians and independents, black people and white people. this is a calling to all of the american people. all 229 million of us. to often we stand around and watch the country in turmoil, we listen to news channels that we disagree with, we sit around and listen to people talk and think to ourselves, they are crazy! we hear and see all of these things and yet most of the time we do nothing. not a thing.what a waste of the first amendment. in everyone out there has forgotten we have the freedom to protest, write anything we wish, assemble and practice whatever it is that we all believe in. the fact that i am able to write this, and you are able to read it is a perfect example of free speech. we all believe in different things, america is the most diverse country in the world, bringing all sorts of new ideas to the plate. i encourge eveyone to stand up and voice their beliefs and opinions, dont be afraid to be an ass hole when someone opposes your view, dont be afraid to write that certain something on the bathroom wall, dont be afraid to write the white house and tell obama to start changing his ways, dont be afraid to write in the newspaper, dont be afraid to put that contiversial bumper sticker on your car, dont be afraid to wear that t-shirt that people look at and say "wow, that is extremly offensive", dont be afraid to get a little violent....... for out of these streets of expression change is truly born. THERE IS NOTHING TO SMALL TO DO, YET NOTHING TO BIG. this is the greatest country in the world, this is our country! so everyone out there, EXPRESS IT! this is what makes our democracy a democracy....the voice of the people. you may have the mindset that your opinion doesnt count. well, you are very wrong. everyones voice, whether in a positive or negative affects somebody else....then thier say affects somebody else it is a constant ripple effect. so starting tomorrow practice your freedom!

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  1. Sam, this article is nothing less than what I would expect to hear from you. Haha. I actually agree with most of it, just not all- I'm not a big fan of violence among Americans or offending people. But I do agree- Americans keep their mouth shut far too often. Keep up the good work bud!