Friday, November 6, 2009


for those of you out there that are not aware of "dont tread on me", i am going to explain it. the dont tread on me flag was the first flag of the colonist during the revolutionary war. the flag has a rattle snake on it, and a warning beneath saying "dont tread on me". this flag was (and still is) metaphoric for how "we the people" should act when our individual rights or liberties are threatened. no matter how strong a government is, it can never continually oppress its people with no consequence. no governmental establishment can out do the will of the people. the government exist solely to protect the unalienable and sacred rights of man. the people all always in control, the only factor is to what extent the people go. i am here to be the friend of the people. by supporting the dont tread on me movement you will help people gain awareness and the rights of individualism and small government. you can do this by bumper stickers, t-shirts, magnents, flags, or simply word of mouth.

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